Workplace wellness at home: Company accommodates clients without offices

March 25, 2020

In normal times, Well 365 sends its health coaches into workplaces, helping employees with a variety of health and wellness activities.

But with a ban on gatherings and businesses working largely from homes, owner Trisha Dohn quickly started making adjustments.

“Our health and taking care of ourselves has never been more important than now — employers taking care of their employees however they can,” she said.

“We have not stopped offering any of our services, rather we have expanded in how we offer them.”

For example, employers can transition a typical biometric health screening into a home test with a kit.

“These kits capture everything from an entire lipid panel, tobacco verification, vitamin D, A1C, PSA, testosterone and more,” Dohn said.

“Rather than the employer sending their employees to our office, our team traveling on-site or sending their employees to their physician’s office, they now have the convenience of doing all of this in the privacy of their home. Everything an individual would need is sent directly to their household. All results are sent to our lab, processed and loaded into our online wellness portal, where these employees have access to their results.”

Clients that use health coaching can have services provided virtually, by phone and through email, she added.

“Now more than ever, during this time of stress and unknown, employers want to take care of their employees the best they can,” she said. “Our mental health counselor, dietitian and registered nurses have never been more committed to the employee’s well-being.”

A tobacco-cessation program and various nutrition and wellness workshops also have all gone virtual.

Another way the company has adjusted is through private Facebook pages for companies and employees only, where challenges, videos and recipes are posted daily.

“One of our clients who does this is gas stations – they have four locations spread out from North Dakota to South Dakota – and they don’t have the option to work from home, so this private Facebook page has been super successful for them,” Dohn said.

Well 365 also made downloadable resources available for any employer to purchase and will be adding new content weekly.

The resources are available through or by emailing

“This is a time we all need to come together,” Dohn said. “This is not only about our current clients, which of course we love and value, this is how we can support all businesses and the community during this time where our health is sacred.”

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Workplace wellness at home: Company accommodates clients without offices

Companies can still offer wellness services for employees, even when they’re not at work.

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