Love food trucks? Here’s your complete guide to the 2018 season

April 24, 2018

Food truck season got off to a slow start with the snowy weather this spring, but many of them are beginning to roll out on a regular basis now.

This year, there are new businesses with Thai/Lao, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern and American offerings. There also are a few losses, including the popular Swamp Daddy’s Cajun Kitchen, which moved into a bricks-and-mortar location.

Finding food trucks outside of special events can be hit-and-miss, but most of them post their daily locations on Facebook.

Here’s a look at who’s new, who’s closed and who’s back. We’ve also compiled a list of regular gatherings such as Food Truck Tuesdays at Golf Addiction and Fridays on the Plaza outside the KSFY-TV studio.

Antojitos Latinos

Omar and Katherine Donis have been waiting for the weather to warm up to reopen Antojitos Latinos. This is their third year running the “Latin munchies” truck, which also serves breakfast. They’re known for pupusas, a thick corn tortilla stuffed with a savory filling. Other Salvadoraen and Hispanic foods includes tacos, burritos and French fries topped with ketchup, mayo and parmesan cheese. Antoitos Latinos goes to events and usually is out five days a week, including regular spots at Gage Brothers from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays and soccer games at Yankton Trail Park from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sundays. They’re hoping to find other regular spots.

Backyard BBQ

On most weekdays, customers will be able to find Backyard BBQ’s truck downtown along Minnesota Avenue. It will be open for lunch, starting in early May, in the parking lot north of One American Bank at 14th Street and Minnesota. Backyard BBQ started with a restaurant in Brookings and has expanded to include two restaurants in Sioux Falls. The food truck was in Brookings until 2016. It will serve pulled pork, brisket and smoked chicken sandwiches and St. Louis-style ribs. Customers can add sides of molasses baked beans, mac and cheese, cornbread, potato salad, coleslaw and kettle chips. Businesses can have the truck come for lunch. It will be at the first Friday block parties downtown, Food Truck Tuesdays at Golf Addiction and events in area communities. UPDATE: The food truck has been invited to so many business lunches and other events that it hasn’t been using the bank’s lot on Minnesota Avenue. 

BellaLuna Pizza

The unique BellaLuna Pizza features an oven in the back of a 1951 Chevy pickup. Gordon and Joan Williams started the business in 2009. It mostly does private events but will be at bikers’ nights at the Red Rock Bar near Rowena on June 6 and Aug. 1 and at the Sioux River Folk Festival at Newton Hills State Park in August.

Berkes BBQ

Scott Berke operated Berkes BBQ through the winter, serving lunch inside businesses. He has moved back outside now and does rotating lunch spots Tuesday through Friday, posting the location early every morning on Facebook. Berke started the truck in 2015 and serves brisket, pulled pork and pulled chicken as sandwiches and tacos, and makes several side dishes. On Friday and Saturday nights, he’s usually behind PAve. Berkes BBQ will be at Food Truck Tuesdays at Golf Addiction and other events.

Big Rig BBQ & Catering

The seasonal spot where Big Rig BBQ & Catering got its start won’t be open this year. Bob and Nichole Brenner opened their Texas-style barbecue business in 2015 in the parking lot in front of Home Depot on South Louise Avenue, smoking meats on site in a trailer. In December 2016, they opened their restaurant at 41st Street and Minnesota Avenue. This summer, Big Rig’s trailer will be at larger events like PorkPalooza and Automania.

Boki Gelato & Boki European Street Food

Now that these mobile eateries have new locations in the Jones421 building, the trucks will be found only at major events such as Cinco de Mayo, Hot Summer Nites, JazzFest, the Sioux Empire Fair and Riverfest. The dessert operation serves gelato, shaved ice and gourmet waffles. The street food truck serves paella, which is rice, chicken and vegetables simmered in a gigantic pan.

Boxcar Beef & Dogs

Mike Elvebo said Boxcar Beef & Dogs won’t operate this year because the income isn’t enough to sustain his family. He started the business in 2015 and tried to operate it year-round but said he learned that didn’t work. Elvebo said he isn’t going to sell the truck and hopes to come back next year. “We feel like we are on the threshold of making it and don’t want to give up.”

Breaking Burrito

Carlos Salgado started Breaking Burrito in 2016 and has a new truck this year. Last year, Breaking Burrito could be found most days near Smithfield Foods, but Salgado doesn’t have a permanent spot for this year. He’s out on the truck now daily serving his Mexican offerings of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas and tamales. Breaking Burrito also will be at events, including Food Truck Tuesdays at Golf Addiction.

Burrito Loco

Burrito Loco is licensed to operate in Sioux Falls this year.

Curbside Delights

The owner sold the truck. “I’m having some health problems this year and just am going to sit out for now,” he said.

Dakota Snow

Dakota Snow came “out of hibernation” for an event April 6 but had to retreat with all the snow. Jessica and Matthew Rooney will have the trailer out occasionally and starting Memorial Day weekend will be open at least six days a week. This year, they’ll be at the East Side Plaza parking lot at 10th and Cleveland two or three times a week and at 3319 S. Spring Ave., one block south of 41st Street, two or three times a week. The Spring Avenue lot is where the business got its start in September 2015. It’s known for shaved ice and rolled ice cream, and this year is adding seven flavors of Stensland Family Farms ice cream, edible cookie dough and State Fair Mini Donuts on cooler days. Dakota Snow also does public and private events.

DL’s Banh Mi

DL’s Banh Mi doesn’t have a truck but it’s becoming a frequent tent-based vendor at festivals this summer. It’s owned by Luan Ha and Duong Thai. In addition to their signature Vietnamese sandwich that’s part of the business name, they make a grilled pork sandwich, beef and chicken fried rice, lo mein and made-from-scratch egg rolls.

New Vietnamese food business finds fast fans

East River Treats

The two ice cream trucks for East River Treats will be hitting the streets in May, owner Mark Severson said. In addition to driving through neighborhoods, the trucks can be found at public and private events. East River Treats, which started in 2009, serves 34 types of prepackaged treats, slushies and cotton candy. It also provides party supplies and inflatable bounce houses. “This year, we’re starting our own block parties,” Severson said. The events will be in small towns and feature live music, inflatables, food and beer. He doesn’t have any dates set yet.

Everest Oriental Food

UPDATE: Everest Oriental Food opened for the season in early June. The truck usually can be found weekdays in the Mekong Asian Market parking lot at Rice and Cliff.

Family Treats Homemade Ice Cream

Joy and Larry Johnson operate Family Treats Homemade Ice Cream, which can be found at several events.

Fergie’s Midwest Dineout

Fergie’s Midwest Dineout is new this year and features a trailer with a covered seating area at the rear. Casey and Jessica Rasmussen plan to run the business full time, going out six days a week for lunches, bar crowds and events. They’ll update the Facebook page, Fergie’s Food Truck, with their locations. Fergie’s will have a large menu with items such as barbecues, walking tacos, grilled meats, vegetarian dishes, nachos, pretzels and frozen fruit kabobs. “We’ll have something different every couple of days,” said Jessica Rasmussen, who has worked at Falls Overlook Cafe and other restaurants.

New food truck features Midwest fare, grilled items

Flyboy Donuts

Flyboy Donuts started a mobile version of the bakery last summer, introducing its doughnuts and coffee to customers across town. Owner Ben Duenwald doesn’t have a set schedule for the trailer this summer, but he’s open to invitations to sell from parking lots, especially on the northwest and southeast sides of Sioux Falls.

Get Your Grub On

Update added in July: Melissa Vandenhoek started Get Your Grub On in June. The business offers home-style dishes such as chicken and steak quesadillas with beans and rice and brisket sandwiches. The trailer has a fryer, so she’s also making cheese balls, onion rings and fresh potato curls. She juggles the schedule for Get Your Grub with her part-time job, so the food truck is out several times a week, often on Jefferson Avenue at 12th Street, near Booze Boys.

New food truck offers home-style cooking

Ginger Snap Bakery

Ginger Snap, a Beresford bakery, has started a food truck that will make it to Sioux Falls this year, said Chelsea Fitzgerald, who owns the business with her mother, Ginger Wettstein. The truck will serve coffee and a variety of rotating baked goods, including cookies, macarons, muffins, cupcakes, cake, cake pops, cheesecake and brownies. Wettstein said she doesn’t have a schedule yet, but she’s expecting to go to the 605 Made Night Market in August.

Harry’s Yellow Submarine

Harry Schlisner is back for his fifth year with Harry’s Yellow Submarine. The bright yellow truck can be found at events and businesses. It’s known for its beignets and marinated chislic, which, of course, is lamb, Schlisner said. The menu also includes smoked meat sandwiches, hamburgers, jumbo hotdogs, chicken strips and deep-fried tater tots. He’s added a monte cristo and a sandwich called The Barkley, and plans to serve deep-fried Oreos and brownies at some events.

Hunny & Bunny

Hunny & Bunny started venturing out again earlier this month on nicer days. Owner Melissa Hamed has two other jobs, so she’s looking for someone who can help run the Mediterranean food truck for lunch service. Hunny & Bunny also does events and catering. It serves shawarma, falafel and gyros and has vegetarian and gluten-free options. Hamed said she might expand the menu to include non-Mediterranean options such as tacos.

Jekyll & Hyde Barbeque

Jekyll & Hyde Barbeque made its debut in June at PorkPalooza. The business is owned by Garrett Gross, Nick Verzani and Mark Hauser, who were friends in high school. The purpose of the food truck is to serve as a showcase for a dry rub created by Verzani. “It’s a little bit sweet and a little bit of spicy,” Gross said. That’s where the Jekyll & Hyde name comes into play. The menu features ribs, brisket, pulled pork and Schmeckfest pork sausage. The trio is starting to build a schedule with events and catering, and the trailer likely will be in the area of the 8th & Railroad Center downtown on Friday and Saturday nights. They plan to keep their Facebook page updated with locations. Note: This information was added June 20. 

Newest food truck serves as method to build brand for dry rub

Kabab King

Moe Fares opened Kabab King in early spring. He and his son Firas make kabab and gyros with a combination of lamb and beef, shawarma with chicken or beef, and falafel. The truck is based at Graham Tire at 41st Street and Western Avenue and also can be found downtown and at businesses. Kabab King also serves late-night bar crowds, and it will be at events this summer.

KK & Sons Lao & Thai Food

This family business expects to open in two weeks. Owner Tiou Xayavong and his cousin, Mikey Siyawong, will be cooking dishes from Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. “Basically, it will be like the street food you find along the Mekong River between Laos and Thailand,” Siyawong said. KK & Sons will be open six days a week. Customers will be able to find the trailer at a variety of places, including CarSwap parking lots, downtown for the late-night bar crowd and at car shows. Update: The food truck made its first appearance June 29 after equipment and licensing delays. August update: KK & Sons has moved its home base to Thanh Mai market on Rice Street in front of the Smithfield plant.

KK & Sons hits the road with Lao/Thai food

Krazy Concessions

Willy Mateo will be out for his second summer with Krazy Concessions, which operated in Sioux Falls for a few years before he bought the truck. He serves Guatemalan tacos, burritos, tamalitos and quesadillas. The menu also has chislic, cheese curds and fries. This year, he’s going to try new taco flavors: bourbon bacon ranch and mango habanero chicken and feature fresh-made tortillas. He’s also adding a Puerto Rican dish, arroz de grandules, which is a rice bowl with chicken, pigeon peas and seasonings. Krazy Concessions will be at events and around town during the week. One regular base is the parking lot of Dakota Plating on North Cliff Avenue for lunch every Monday and Tuesday and some Wednesdays.

Linda’s Concessions

Linda and Miguel Salas started the truck last year, serving Mexican food. Linda’s Concessions will be at the Cinco de Mayo festival. Miguel Salas said they’re not sure how many events they’ll do this year. Update in October: The truck has been taken over by Luisa Cortez and her children Maria Cortez and Juan Contreras. 

Mexican food truck reopens with new owners

The Lunch Box

Glen Drew operated The Lunch Box, which he started last year, through the winter. He does events and has a regular lunch schedule: Monday at Bright Horizons by Citibank, Tuesday at Daktronics, Wednesday at Wilson Trailer in Lennox, Thursday at Cigna and Friday at MetaBank and Total Card. Saturday nights, he’s often near PAve. The truck will be at some of the Food Truck Tuesdays at Golf Addiction. The Lunch Box offers a weekly menu with an entrée, sandwich, wrap and dessert. Drew is known for his  buffalo chicken, bahn mi and chicken bacon ranch wraps. His rotating entrees are dishes like chicken fried steak, Indian tacos and chicken alfredo. Update on July 10: The new Tuesday spot is at Avera Palm Place on 56th Street North. 

The Meat Wagon

This Sioux Empire Fair staple that has been in business since 2013 will be making more appearances this summer. Pat and Melissa Minihan keep busy with catering for private events, but they’re planning to do more public events too. The Meat Wagon serves St. Louis and baby back ribs, shredded brisket, pulled pork, sliced pork loin, hot dogs, hamburgers and more.

Monkey Business Treats

This Ward-based business has two ice cream trucks that run seven days a week once the weather gets nice. Scott and Debbie Handberg started Monkey Business Treats in 2015 and expanded to the second truck last year. Last year, they drove through neighborhoods in 31 towns in South Dakota and Minnesota, getting as close to Sioux Falls as Crooks and Baltic. They might come to Sioux Falls this year, Debbie Handberg said. The trucks serve more than 50 varieties of frozen treats and hand-dipped rootbeer floats. Monkey Business also does private events.

My Place Mobile Cafe

My Place Mobile Cafe is operating for its fifth year, parking outside businesses for lunch and serving at public and private events. Maxine Montreal describes her food as “grandma-type cooking.” She always serves hamburgers and goulash, and has a variety of rotating specials. She also has a breakfast menu that includes casseroles and biscuits and gravy. My Place will be at Service First Federal Credit Union for lunch on Fridays and usually parks once a week at Gage Brothers. Montreal keeps her Facebook page updated.

Nick’s Hamburger Shop

The legendary Brookings restaurant created a stir when Nick’s trailer came to Sioux Falls twice last year. It will be back at First Bank & Trust’s Food Truck Fridays at Dawley Farm Village on June 15 and July 20. It’s also scheduled to be at Food Truck Wednesday in Brandon on May 9.

Ol’ MacDonald’s Kettle Corn

With their last name, Jay and Marie MacDonald knew what to name their kettle corn business. Ol MacDonald’s Kettle Corn started popping out of a tent last year and moved up to a trailer this year that’s decorated with a farm theme. The MacDonalds’ make their kettle corn fresh at each event on the truck and recently added cold brew coffee, lemonade and iced teas. As a retired carpenter, MacDonald enjoys the opportunity to keep busy and to get out and meet people. Customers can find the truck at county fairs, events and occasionally parked near businesses. Locations are posted on Facebook.


Papa Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza

Owner Lisa Esser said Papa Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza is ready to go for lunch once the weather is nice. The truck has been out for a few events this spring. She updates the schedule on Facebook and the business website. In addition to wood-fired pizzas and flatbreads, the regular menu includes Italian nachos and pretzel bites. Esser and her husband, Steve Blumke, started Papa Woody’s in 2016.

Phan Food

Van Nguyen and her mother, Oanh Phan, have started a new food truck featuring traditional Vietnamese food. Phan Food will be at events in Sioux Falls and area towns. The cooks are starting with a simple menu, Nguyen said, with crab Rangoon, egg rolls, spring rolls, fried rice with chicken and stir fry pork with rice. “We want to keep the food on the truck quick and easy,” she said. For catering, Phan Food can provide “fancier” dishes that are more complex, she said. The first time customers might find them in Sioux Falls is June 6 at the Downtown Block Party at 8th & Railroad Center.

The Rib Shack

This is the old-timer of the bunch, but the catering has become so successful that owner Cedrick Donaway said the truck might not be operating this year. The Rib Shack started in 2007 and has been in a gas station parking lot at Cliff and Benson for years. Update: Donaway posted on The Rib Shack’s Facebook page in June that the truck is for sale. He is keeping the smoker and continues to cater, according to a post in late July. 

Royal BBQ

The owner sold the truck after operating it for two years.

Sabor Boricua

Puerto Rican dishes are the specialty of this food truck owned by Israel Davila, who moved to the U.S. 13 years ago. He started Sabor Boricua last year and it’s stationed in the parking lot of the Food-N-Fuel at 4701 W. 12th St. It’s open from 11a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. The menu includes dishes such as alcapuria, which is green bananas filled with beef, and pastelillo, a meat-filled pastry.


S Bar S BBQ had been in Sioux Falls a few years ago before the owner, Smity Smith, moved to Nebraska. He moved back here last year and planned to restart the truck but his health issues are preventing that. The truck is for sale.

Scotty D’s BBQ

The longtime food truck, which considers Mitchell and Huron its home base, makes occasional appearances in the Sioux Falls area. Fans can find Scotty D’s BBQ on May 25 and Sept. 14 at Bike Night at J&L Harley-Davidson, owner Scotty Deschepper said. He’s also planning to be at Harrisburg’s community event in early June. He’s always in Mitchell on Mondays and Huron on Tuesdays, and then is in those towns or others in southeast South Dakota the rest of the week. Weekends are filled with public and private events. He started Scotty D’s BBQ in 2003 and had been smoking meats on a part-time basis for a decade before that. Deschepper makes Kansas City- and Memphis-style ribs, Texas-style brisked, pulled pork, smoked meatloaf, smoked prime rib, barbecue nachos and more. Update: The trailer got this new look in August. 


SDSU Ice Cream Truck

Earlier this year, Mark Promes bought the business that has two trucks and a trailer. SDSU Ice Cream Truck goes to public and private events and travels through Sioux Falls neighborhoods on some evenings. It carries more than a dozen flavors of SDSU ice cream and also sells shaved ice, cotton candy, smoothies and floats. This year, Promes is adding purple, red and gray cow floats and coffee blenders made with Jackrabbit Java coffee and SDSU ice cream. He’s also serving Hawaiian shaved ice, which is scoops of ice cream, topped with flavored shaved ice and sweetened condensed milk.

Skipping Stone Pizza

If you’ve been to the Falls Park Farmers Market, you know Skipping Stone Pizza. Kyle and Nicky VanDerWerff started the food truck in 2012. Most of their business is private events, but they’ll be back at the farmers market every Saturday. Skipping Stone’s most popular item is the breakfast pizza with egg, ham, bell pepper and onion. Along with standards, they make one or two specialty pizzas every week such as barbecue chicken and carnitas. They’ll also be a Strawbale Winery’s Summer Porch events on Thursday nights. Customers can use a loyalty card this year and get their 11th pizza free.

Snortz Barbecue

This “SoDak-style” barbecue truck does events and catering and won’t be on the road until June. Mitch and Amanda Runge specialize in ribs, Texas tacos and barbecue nachos. Snortz will be at the Downtown Block Party on the first Fridays of the month.

Spicy Wheels

Spicy Wheels isn’t coming back this year. Eswari Muthu, who also owns Greens & Spices, started the Indo-Thai truck last summer. Muthu said she plans to be out of town a lot this summer with the birth of a grandchild in Iowa. She might reopen it next year.

Squealer’s Smoke Shack

The popularity of Squealer’s Smoke Shack led to a permanent location, but the truck is still used for public and private events. Dustin and Andrea Kuipers and his parents, Lowell and Shelley Kuipers, started the food truck in 2014. They opened their Tea restaurant in 2016 because they needed a “full-fledged kitchen” to keep up with all of the catering orders, Andrea Kuipers said. Brisket is the most popular meat. They make their own seasoning blends, sauces and sides.

Stone’s Famous Kettle Corn

Jeff and Tess Stone started Stone’s Famous Kettle Corn in 2013. They go year-round to events and cater for weddings and graduations. Stone’s also supplies the Denny Sanford Premier Center and other event locations, and provides product for fundraisers. The Stones make kettle corn in variety of flavors, including their signature product, Famous Fetti, which has blue raspberry, cherry, orange and green apple flavored popcorn. The truck also serves cotton candy and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

The Sub Hub of Sioux Falls

The owners of The Sub Hub of Sioux Falls won’t be out this year. They are “moving on to other things” and trying to find a buyer for the trailer.

Swamp Daddy’s Cajun Kitchen

We’re the bearer of bad news for fans of Swamp Daddy’s Cajun Kitchen food truck. The restaurant sold the trailer to a woman in Platte who plans to operate a taco truck, co-owner Del’Inkka Beaudion said. The good news is Swamp Daddy’s is available five days a week in its new bricks-and-mortar location in the Jones421 building on North Phillips Avenue. The restaurant still offers catering and will be able to set up under a tent for some outdoor events this summer. Beaudion also said long-term plans include bringing back a food truck in a year or two.

Sweet Treats & More

A hit-and-run accident led to the end of Sweet Treats & More. Julie Lee started the business last summer, but the trailer was totaled in the fall when it was struck while parked outside their house. Lee said she and her husband are too busy with work to buy and operate another food truck, but she didn’t rule out a return someday.

Taqueria La Gordita

Owner Rocscana Porras cooks up authentic Mexican dishes with handmade tortillas at Taqueria La Gordita, which is parked in the lot at Iglesia Palabra Viva at Eighth Street and Sycamore Avenue. Porras started the business last summer. Her menu includes tacos, burritos, tortas, gorditas, huaraches, dobladitas and sopes. Diners can choose their meat: chicken; chorizo; barbocoa, which is shredded beef; cabeza, which is roasted meat from the head of a cow; or adobada, which is marinated pork. The truck opens at 10 or 10:30 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m. weekdays. It’s open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

Taqueria Sanchez

This fixture on 10th Street just east of Interstate 229 is open daily at 11 a.m. and usually closes at 10 p.m. Taqueria Sanchez sells tacos, burritos, quesadillas, gringas and torta, and makes menudo on the weekend. Aurelio Sanchez started the business in 2009 and later expanded to two trucks. The second one is used for events.

Taqueria Suyapa

Added Aug. 24: Suyapa Motino opened Taqueria Suyapa on July 31 serving Mexican food and recipes from her homeland of Honduras. The food truck is based in the parking lot of Auto-Net on 271st Street as it heads into Tea. The menu includes carne asada, tacos, burritos, tostadas, tortas, quesadillas, nachos supreme, steak and chicken sandwiches and baleadas, a Honduran taco made with a flour tortilla, ground beef and sour cream. Hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Mexican food truck opens in Tea area

The Tasty Trolley

The eye-catching 26-foot trolley serves 40 flavors of soft-serve ice cream and toppings. The Tasty Trolley also sells walking tacos, hot dogs and super nachos. It’s mostly found at public and private events but will start serving lunches at businesses this year, said Kelli Ritter, who started the business in 2016 with her husband, Tony. The Tasty Trolley’s first event is April 28.

Food truck events

Several businesses and organizations are organizing events, most of which will bring together several food trucks for lunch or dinner. Here’s what we were able to find:

  • Food Truck Wednesdays and Fridays at Service First Federal Credit Union: Starts May 2 and goes through mid-September. Wednesday will feature one or two trucks from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the branch at 3901 E. 10th St. My Place Mobile Cafe will serve on Fridays.
  • Food Truck Tuesdays at Golf Addiction: Starts May 15 and runs every other Tuesday from 5 to 9 p.m. The business at 57th Street and Marion Road will host seven food trucks on a rotating basis with live music and a free bouncy house for kids. This year’s lineup includes The Lunch Box, Hunny & Bunny, Backyard BBQ, Harry’s Yellow Submarine, Berkes BBQ, Breaking Burrito, Kabab King, Burgers & Steaks, The Tasty Trolley and the SDSU Ice Cream Truck. Golf Addiction sells beer.
  • Fridays on the Plaza: Starts May 18 and runs through Aug. 24 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. KSFY-TV organizes the event, which includes live music and four of five trucks parked near First Avenue and 12th Street.
  • Food Truck Fridays at First Bank & Trust at Dawley Farm Village: Kicks off May 25 with Hunny & Bunny. The bank and Coffea Roasterie host one food truck every Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Nick’s Hamburger Shop fans will want to put these dates on their calendar. The legendary Brookings restaurant that typically takes its trailer out for private events only will be back June 15 and July 20. Update: Nick’s also will be there to close out the season Aug. 31. 
  • Downtown Block Party on the Eastbank: The monthly event organized by Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. features several food trucks and live music. The parties are on the first Friday of the month, starting in June.
  • Food Truck Wednesdays in Brandon: Scheduled for May 9 and Sept. 12 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. in the parking lot of Brandon Lutheran Church. The community event typically draws six food trucks. The first one will include Nick’s Hamburger Shop, Berkes BBQ, Dakota Snow, Hunny & Bunny, Papa Wood’s Wood-Fired Pizza and The Tasty Trolley.
  • Food Truck Fridays at Billion Toyota: Starts May 11 and runs most Fridays through Sept. 14. The auto dealership at 4101 W. 12th St. will host one truck from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Backyard BBQ, Breaking Burrito, Hunny & Bunny, Kabab King and Papa Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza will rotate appearances.
  • Food Truck Wednesdays at Holy Cross Lutheran Church: Runs through Aug. 29. One food truck is invited every week to serve food outside the church at 1300 S. Sertoma Ave. from 5 to 7 p.m.
  • Food Truck Mash-Up: This inaugural event Sept. 29 is described as a large-scale community festival that will gather the best food trucks in South Dakota for a live face-off. Customers will vote for their favorite. The event, which will include entertainment, will run from 3 to 11 p.m. at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds. It’s produced by the USA Today Network and Argus Leader Media.



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Food truck season is here, and we’ve compiled a list of what you can eat — everything from pulled pork and tacos to pizzas and ice cream — and where you can find them.

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