Need some quarantine comfort food? We’ve got it covered

Nov. 19, 2020

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You’re quarantined, maybe not feeling great, and the last thing you want to do is cook.

The good news is delicious comfort food can come right to your door from your favorite restaurants.

The team at Vanguard Hospitality put together some of their go-to menu items for whether you’re feeling under the weather or just want to send a helpful meal to someone who is.

All restaurants offer carryout and delivery through Food Dudes.

Grille 26

This is the best, easiest way we’ve found yet to take care of family meals, especially if you’re not feeling well. Grille 26 offers chicken breasts for up to five people with your choice of sauce, starch and vegetable, plus focaccia bread.

Another comfort classic? Honey almond chicken penne. You know honey helps heal, right? This one is offered family-style with focaccia bread, and you can easily add a quart or half-gallon of soup or a family-size salad to ensure plenty of leftovers.

Bonus: If ever it was OK to indulge a little, this is it. Order the famous Grille 26 caramel rolls for pickup on Saturdays.


The only thing that makes Minervas Cajun chicken penne better is a family-size portion of it. The family meal includes a garden salad and French bread.

Or go even more classic with the signature Minervas 1977 goulash recipe, including elbow macaroni, ground beef, onions, tomatoes and shredded cheese. That one also is served family-style with a garden salad and French bread.

And, of course, you can’t help but feel better with some famous Minervas tomato zucchini soup. You can buy that to go by the quart.

Morrie’s Steakhouse

There’s a clear comfort-food star at the steakhouse: this chicken and wild rice soup.

Chicken soup is a winner when you’re not feeling well regardless, but this takes it to another – very local – level. The Morrie’s chicken and wild rice soup is made with Lakeview Colony chicken, Minnesota wild rice and cream. There’s no going back once you’ve had it.

Here’s the other one to keep in mind: a slice of Nanna’s carrot cake to go. Filled with freshly grated carrots, spices and cream cheese frosting, you’ll feel better just looking at it.

Turks & Caicos Cabana Grille

It’s one of the most popular dishes at Turks & Caicos that we think makes great comfort food too: the Jamaican curried goat. It’s served in a stewed curry sauce with beans, rice and sauteed vegetables and will fill you with warmth and deliciousness.

Our other go-to when under the weather? The Birria Ramen. It’s not just ramen. Not even close. This spiced beef broth is a family recipe with stewed beef, lime, ramen noodles, onion, cilantro and salsa de arbol that will leave you feeling better in no time.

Planning ahead

You know what else makes you healthier? Less stress. So don’t even think about Thanksgiving dinner because Vanguard has you covered there too. Click below to learn more.

Enjoy a Thanksgiving meal at home from your favorite local restaurants

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Need some quarantine comfort food? We’ve got it covered

You’re quarantined, maybe not feeling great, and the last thing you want to do is cook. This will have you — or those you care about — feeling better fast.

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